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Wind Mitigation - save money on homeowners insurance- it is the law

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Wind Mitigation is a way of preventing wind damage to a structure. Florida Law states that insurance companies are required to give you discounts on homeowner's insurance if the insured building is protected by features that will prevent damage to the structure during a storm. There are eight areas in particular that insurance companies look at to determine the potential of a discount on insurance ; the roof covering, roof deck, secondary water barriers, roof truss attachment, roof shape, wall construction type and opening protection. The insurance company usually receives this information via a report. This report is called a Uniform Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection, or also known as an "1802" form. The 1802 form can be used for up to five years. However, if you change any item that is listed on the report such as installing a new roof then it is highly recommended that you obtain a current 1802 form to submit to your insurance agent. The 1802 form can be completed by a Licensed Contractor, Engineer, Architect, or through an inspector employed by a Wind Certification entity through the “My Safe Florida Home Program”. In the past the state paid for these inspections, however, that program has ended and now an owner must incur the cost of the inspection by his or herself. Typically the homeowner will pay anywhere from $75.00 to $150.00 to have this inspection completed by a qualified individual. As with anything BUYER BEWARE and make sure the person completing your 1802 form is a qualified individual who meets the above criteria, and is allowed to complete your form. Otherwise you could pay an inspector to complete the form only to have your insurance company refuse it! With my next blog I will begin to examine each area of the 1802 form more in detail. As always I am only a phone call away to answer any of your questions!