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Do You Have The Investment Specialist On Your “A” Team?

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By Fred Tichauer, Associate Broker Keller Williams Greater Omaha

If you are an investor or thinking of becoming one, would it be beneficial for you to work with a Realtor that is a specialist, is also an investor and understands the investment language?

Perhaps, you decided not to even interview a Realtor in the past because you read lots of books and listen to lots of tapes etc., on the subject of Real Estate Investing and you convinced yourself that you could do this on your own.

Now is the right time to change your thinking and stop going at it alone. Books, tapes and knowledge are great, but who is providing you the practical knowledge and expertise? An Investment Specialist can.

Often times the difference between getting off the starting blocks and past the philosophical aspects of being an "investor" is simply not having that special someone on your team, the person that can put things in perspective for you, in this case is the "Realtor that is an Investment Specialist".

In all likelihood you would not  give much thought of going to your family doctor if you had a condition that required a specialist right? Additionally, if this specialist was not considered to be the very best in their field you would probably not go to see this specialist right? Should the business of Real Estate be any different?

A Realtor that is a specialist and is also an  investor will bring you so much more added value that a Realtor that is neither.The practical knowledge and expertise that has been missing all along and has kept you from taking advantage of all the benefits that successful investors enjoy (generating wealth) will become a reality in no time..

He/she will understand your needs both on a short and long term basis, and more importantly will help you analyze a property, i.e. (Cash on Cash, CAP Rate, GRM, Debt Coverage Ratio, NOI etc.) so that you can ultimately determine if the property under consideration would make a good investment or not.

We are in a terrific" buyer market". I have not seen this kind of an opportunity in some  35 + years of being an investor. How long will this market last? Who really knows? Take advantage of the opportunities that are right in front of you. Buy as much as you are comfortable owning, of course because you are credit worthy you can.

I see hundreds of deals on any given day on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), as an example 122 foreclosures the last time I checked on 11-29-08. Who is helping you identify deals?

The bottom line, money is being made in the Metro everyday. How are you doing? If you are no further along than the starting blocks now is the perfect time to take the first step. Walking and running will get you to the finish line, it just depends how fast you want to get there.

In conclusion, if you are not happy with your current results why not interview an extremely knowledgeable Team of Realtors that understand the market, are investors, can provide you practical knowledge and will guide you every step, from the starting blocks to who knows how far.

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