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Hi Everyone.  I own a Coldwell Banker Franchise in Costa Rica.   We don't have an MLS system down here and licenses are not required so there is alot of funny business as you could imagine.  I would assume that most of you don't come across a problem like this but I would like to here you opinion if so.   I'm going to keep it short.    I had an offered accepted Friday by the seller and they agreed to a 5% commission for selling there home.  We don't have standard agreements so I was going to meet with the attorney and put together the agreement on Monday.  I get a call from the seller today and they say " I just remembered I had an exclusive listing with XYZ Real Estate and they are going to call you to figure out how to handle the commission. "  My response was why would I talk with them I have an verbal agreement with you and if you have an agreement with them they you need to honor that.  I had no idea that they had an exclusive agreement with you as you didn't tell me.  And there isn't a public place that I can just look up this information.    So XYZ Real Estate Broker calls me and tell me that we are going to have to split the commission.  I again said that you will need to talk with the seller.  I agree 100% that you should get paid but your seller made a deal with me and didn't advise me that you a part of the transaction.   The Broker is claiming that I'm greedy for wanting to make the 5% and that she shouldn't have to go back to the seller to get her commission.   As you can tell I totally disagree with this as I was not informed of her exclusive listing and I have acted above board.    I would never go directly to the seller and this broker had no sign on the property and never informed me that they had an exclusive.  I personally do not believe I should have to cut my commission because of the mistake from the seller.   Let me know have you would handle this.  Thanks.

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