Operation Helping Hand Part 6 "Secure" Your Position And Protect Your Clients

Real Estate Agent with Exit All Seasons Realty

My Fellow Real Estate Professionals looking at today's economic situation and judging by similar historical situations it is safe to say we can expect crime to be on the rise. With more and more people becoming unemployed every day desperate times will call for desperate measures. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to stir up a panic or any thing like that just making a point. The fact of the matter is that the nightly news hardly ever has any good news to report and people like to know and/or feel they are safe.

You can assist you clients with the extra added security of an affordable home security system. As a 5LINX®  Representative you have the ability to offer your friends, family and associates a Protect America Security system and monitoring at a reasonable price. As R.E. Professional because the system is soooooo affordable you could provide the top shelf system to your interested clients for free.

A few reasons why a client would be interested in this system. First of all the price, if you offer the security system for free the cost of monitoring ranges from $29.95-$34.95 off-set by the discount in home owner insurance. Second the system is customizable, and portable. The client would own it could add to it and take it with them if and when they moved to another location.(great bonus for rental clients) Finally A superior product and Consumer Digest Best Buy, provided by a trusted professional to a satisfied client that also has the opportunity to market the product to his friends and neighbors.

A few reasons why you would and should offer a free security system to your clients. First of all you deal with one of the highest ticketed items bought and sold in the world a small token of your appreciation would not hurt your referral and repeat business. Providing the "Extras" is bonus when people look for a  R.E. professional wouldn't you like to stand out in a sea of many. Finally a residual passive income that means that as long as you clients continue to pay their home security bills You will receive a percentage of the  proceeds. What are you waiting for secure your position in 5LINX® so you can secure you position with your clients by giving them piece of mind and a safe and secure home.

Thank you for the time you have spent reading this bog. I know time is a precious commodity and I appreciate you investment into my passion Feel free to leave a comment. To find out more about 5LINX®  contact me by email or phone or visit www.5linx.com IF you live in the NYC Area and would like to learn more about the 5LINX®  Business Opportunity you are invited to join our weekly Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM) Thursday 7 pm @ 199-24 Linden Blvd Saint Albans, NY 11412 or visit us on line at www.TeamLOTDA.com

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