Free Market Vs. Govn't Intervention

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Do you think Americans should be responsible for the automotive bailout of the "Big Three"?

Why or why not?


My opinion is that Americans should not support a bailout package for the Auto Industry. I believe if there is no consequence to these companies for their actions then they will continue to abuse the system. Perhaps we should put the $25 billion dollars out there for grants to companies, and they have to pay back these loans for new sustainable technology with interest of which a portion which goes towards the public taxes and some to pay off the national debt.



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Sandy Gleason
North Pointe Realty - Buhl, ID
Realtor for Southern Idaho-Magic Valley

I am afraid if the government bails out much more they will own most of the companies. Free

enterprise is at stake then. We need to rally as Americans and let our voice be heard to save

our county.

Dec 01, 2008 09:11 AM