What is the Purpose of Keyword Density Tool?

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Keyword is the most important word in a web page or website, no wonder it should be used prudently. Keyword density tool is ideal to identify the keyword and the density of its usage.

What is keyword density?
Keyword density is the number of times or the percentage of keywords you will use per 100 words. So if the keyword density is 2% and you are writing 500 words of content, you should ensure that the keyword has been used at least 10 times throughout the write up so it can show at the search engine rankings.

Why check your Keyword Density?
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There has been widespread discussion on the ideal keyword density for the primary terms used on a single page. This ranges from 3% up to, and over 15%. However, it is agreed that keyword density is used by search engines in their ranking algorithms and does affect the a page's ranking.
Checking page keyword optimization can be easily performed with a keyword density tool.

What will keyword density tools do?
Keyword density tools are here to help out in knowing the density for each and every keyword for you to create an absolutely search engine friendly web page. Optimizing every web page will help you reach top ranking in search engine faster.
So every time you create web content or an article, you can refer it to the keyword density tools and can find out the whether or not the article or content is keyword optimized for better ranking at the search engines. This will simply help you modify and adjust the text matter to suit the search engine requirements.
There is another very important thing that your keyword density tool can do for you. This will help you identify the keywords targeted by your competitors. Again you can divert their traffic to your website by using better combination of keywords or finding shortcomings in their keyword densities. You can start designing your website a lot better than what your competitors have created.

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