E-commerce sites have been forced Ningbo is the largest low-cost characteristics

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Alibaba will Ningbo as an important market for e-commerce; Ningbo registered in the HC net profit on the year; Digital China will soon set up Ningbo are also on-line ... ... 2008 from the first reporters of electronic services that forum, e-commerce not only for the benefit of a large number of foreign trade enterprises in Ningbo , And along with the economic center of the Internet to transfer Zhejiang, Ningbo's e-commerce and electronic services will be supported by the rapid development of Ningbo enterprises will find business opportunities.

E-commerce Web site Ningbo beach

Xiao Bohui reporters yesterday at the stadium, gathered here for quite a few e-commerce sites, including Alibaba.com, made-in-china.com, ecvv,bossgoo.com. "Xiao Bohui e-commerce sites have become an important battleground." Industry said that Ningbo has more than 8,000 import and export enterprises, of which 95% are using the Internet to conduct business. Export-oriented economy advanced features of e-commerce sites have attracted a beach, a large number of domestic integrated e-commerce portal or e-known international companies have been stationed in Ningbo, in addition to Alibaba, HC network, network in China, the Guangzhou Trade Fair and Global Sources Online, Special good and so easy to set up a branch in Ningbo, and business development are good.

Is a low-cost feature

"If we say that in 2000 and 2003 listed Sina and Sohu, China's economic hub of the Internet started in Beijing, Shanda in 2004 and listed Focus Media, Shanghai, transfer to the center, then with the listing of Alibaba.com, the center will be to The private economy featuring the transfer of Zhejiang. "E-Commerce Forum, the experts believe that the Internet will be an individual consumer entertainment service, and gradually shifted to the business service.

Data show that in 2007 China B2B e-commerce amounted to 1,700,000,000,000 yuan, Zhejiang Province, joined the Internet has more than 100,000 small and medium enterprises, in 2007 the use of e-commerce platform for business transactions have reached a breakthrough 500,000,000,000 yuan. From the experience of developed countries, GDP per capita more than 6,000 U.S. dollars, will enter a stage of rapid development of information technology, e-commerce rapidly rising popularity of degrees.

In a variety of factors under the shadow of its low-cost e-commerce features, will be the first choice for foreign trade industry. And participate in the International Conference and Exhibition, customer visits, and other traditional means of international trade, e-commerce development in each of at least one customer to reduce the cost of more than 10 million, the average profits of foreign trade enterprises to raise more than 3%.

Enrich the connotation of e-services

"E-commerce, e-services more connotations, it is the service economy for the second time across, is no longer a simple means of on-line shopping and on-line trade." Forums, Internet Society of China Gao Xinmin, vice chairman pointed out that in the future, Mobile Internet, P2P (peer-to-peer network), software services, such as electronic network of community services will have a huge space for development, there are a large number of business opportunities.

He also specifically mentioned the operating software services (SaaS). "In the past, we have to use a software, it is necessary to go to stores to buy, users can get software via Web services. Now, the software operating on-line services can use this online service, is becoming a new trend of the global software services. "

City Bureau of Information Industry said that from now on in our city will continue to improve the network infrastructure, with the Shanghai interoperability information, and Ningbo will strive to access the Internet directly to the core national network. At the same time improving the city's e-business Internet exchanges, data centers, e-commerce security certification center of the three centers, promote the digital certificate issuance, the establishment of a safe and secure online payment systems business to promote the development of e-commerce in Ningbo, to create a good e At the same time, environmental services, to increase the number of electronic services Nuggets Ningbo enterprises.

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