Buying a Piece of History

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By Danny Mahelka

One amazing fact about The Miracle Mile is that it is steeped in history. This eighty year-old stretch of retail and residential property has a long background of providing a set area within Los Angeles that promises to be auto, consumer, and retailer friendly. dsc06851Originally designed by A. W. Ross, The Miracle Mile saw massive revitalization in the 90s which has made it the new go-to spot in the greater L.A. area.

My favorite contemporary change is the way in which the old and new businesses create a veritable architectural smorgasbord of Art Deco, Spanish Colonial, and more. Indoor restaurants have begun taking advantage of the California climate with outdoor seating, and new remodeling has created a fresh appearance for every façade. Walking down Wilshire is no longer a matter of window-shopping just for the wares offered by each store, but it's now an even greater enjoyment to shop for the next hotspot property in Los Angeles; wherever it is, we know it will be on Wilshire Boulevard.

As new storefronts go up and dated construction comes down, The Miracle Mile doesn't forget its origins. The sign on each block reminds the residents and tourists alike of the long background that brought The Miracle Mile into the innovative and inspiring stretch of property it is today.

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