Warm and Fuzzy

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Seems that's the way people on this site like it. "It's not my fault?" "It's the economy?" "I don't know anyone doing that great now?"

They all work. Don't let anyone tell ya they don't. Any excuse really will work if it makes you feel better.

If you go through this site like I do from time to time, do you ever notice that the only "posts" that seem to catch the "eye" of the reader are the warm and fuzzy ones. The ones that may bring moments of entertainment, but will never do anything for your business.

I challange anyone to "throw" out a challange and see what happens.

Working in an Industry filled with soooo many "leased" Lexus, BMW's and "your car here", with so many wearing that "suit" you're still paying off at 17% over the next year while drinking your latte (also paying for it at 17% over time), its sometimes hard to spot the ones that really make a difference.

 They're usually the ones in the 2001 Camry, wearing a modest suit and have "family" responsibilities. The quiet ones. The ones that do more listening and less talking (now that's funny coming from a guy that's doing all the talking now)

Anyway, the people that get it will get it, those that don't never will. Why make things complicated when they're not.

Now the tone of this post may sound "negative" but my observations here are the only things being detailed in writing. Not my personal attitude. Again, some will get that, others will not.

More then ever, in this market, it's vital to stay positive and always treat others as you would like to be treated. Always! They guy in front of you at the supermarket may just be your next client. I understand that and practice that daily. This post is simply an observation of the things I see while reading posts.

Everyone wants to do better and they seem to think that "next" customer will be calling anytime - you know, like the old days - Thing's are different now and although this is a great place to come for a break and look around, remember the "basics" are always the best place to start.


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