AOL Launches a Real Time News Widget

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I wanted to announce the launch of AOL Real Estate's Real Time News Widget.  With so many widgets available, we wanted to build one that added value to your site as you aim to give buyers the information they need to make the biggest purchase of their lives in this extremely difficult market.  Many of you already provide local market information, weather and events listings to give buyers, particularly those from outside the area, a sense of what life is like around town.  Now you can add a live feed of recognizable local news outlets and blogs.  All it takes are a few simple steps to select your location, customize the colors and snag it for your site.  And, of course, it's FREE.

Click Here:

I've seen a few agents already add it to their pages.  I hope you'll find it useful, too.  Have an idea to make it even better for your site?  Send it along!

Get a live feed of local real estate news for your site.  It's FREE.



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