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Tech Know File: Look at that Vista.

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What an awesome weekend it was here in the Hudson Valley.  I had 2 great open houses  in Beacon and the other in New Windsor.  Thank God there was no rain this weekend I couldn't take any more dreary days.

So on this beautiful weekend I decided I would spend my Friday night working on the computer so I could work on teh weekend and enjoy the weather with my family  It was time to upgrade my XP sp2 (working perfectly) Toshiba Laptop to Windows Vista. 

I like to play around with Tech so I was excited when my Vista upgrade package came in the mail...I installed the disk and was ready to rock and roll...The first thing the upgrade wizard does is install a bunch of stuff that Vista will need once it takes over as the OS.  This takes about 50 mins.   Then it removes a bunch of drivers and software that it doesn't need or is not compatible with when Vista is the OS.  This take about an 1.15 hours. 

Then it loads Vista.  Vista starts about 1 hour.  Then it begins the process of opening and installing the drivers and software that it downloaded in XP...First road-block, it was looking for a Toshiba Registration.mis file.  It rebooted a bunch of times and couldn't get past this file. 

I called tech support they advised me to insert my Recovery Disk and install back to original out of box condition.  I must have removed that program when I realized I didn't need it sucking up space when I bought the computer.  Which means an hour or so to get back to XP...


XP- uninstall virus protection and firewall so it will stop asking me every time it wants to download the new drivers. 

3 hours later Vista is back on the Machine.

Now it has a problem with the Intel Media Graphics Accelerated Driver.  Guess what, it is time to wash rinse and repeat...

Back to XP- another hour or 3...remove the virus protection and firewall- install the wizard, the drivers on and off back to Vista.

Now this time Vista Installs and is running.  Great but where is the Wizard that will install the 34 drivers and programs I need to run the computer...Ah, oh yeah I ran the wizard from the internet last time I forgot to save it to the desk top.  I try running the wizard off the disk, but that disk won't run on Vista...So guess what?

Back to XP  4 hours or so later, Vista is up and running nice. 

I had to download the Windows Mobile Device Center to work with Moto Q, activesync doesn't work on Vista, and now I still have to migrate back all my data...

My review of Vista is forth coming...

At least the weather and the open houses were nice.

*Becareful when updating and make sure your data is backed up...Vista has a new way of saving files so it wipe MyDocs and everything in it...  If you are using a wizard from Toshiba or anyone else for that matter you will need an internet connection and a few hours at least.  Good Luck.

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Hey John,

Are you implying that Microsoft would dare to put out a product that didn't have all the bugs worked out? (heavy sarcasm included).  I personally love fighting with my computer or tech support only to have a high school kid tell me "I could've fixed that in 6 minutes.". 

I hear ya on the weather.  I work out of Kingston but I live up 28 a little ways.  The warm weather and sunshine is long overdue.


Apr 23, 2007 04:57 AM