Holiday Traditions

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Traditions provide continuity, security, and joy, as well as helping to preserve cultural heritage.  Make a list of holiday traditions you typically celebrate, and add any new ones you wish to enjoy.  With the right traditions for you, you can make your holiday special.  Consider a few of the ideas below to spice up the season.

Candles celebrate any special occasion.  Have a weekly candle-lighting ceremony leading up to the holiday.  Read a holiday story, a holiday movie, or sing a special song.  String popcorn  with your children.

Spread some holiday cheer with those in your community sho may not have family or friends and cannot leave their home.  Visit the aged or widowed.  Attend a local charity event.  Make arrangements to visit a hospital, rest home, prison or other institution.  Find someone sho will be spending the holiday alone, and invite that person to share with you.



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