You Can Make It Happen

Managing Real Estate Broker with Christiania Realty, Inc

I’m well aware that the economy isn’t doing so well.  People are worried.  People are losing their jobs.  I know I know I know.  But as cruel as it seems, downturns are sometimes the best times to get ahead.  The Vail market is doing fine, in the context of the rest of the Nation.  We are still going strong.  People still want to ski, and there is only one Vail mountain.  But that being said, there is more real estate inventory on the market now than at any time in recent memory.  

This means that in Vail, it is a buyer’s market.  Prices have softened up, some.  But even without the softening, you, Mr. or Ms. Buyer, are in the driver’s seat.  You have your choice of some pretty amazing homes.  

If you have ever dreamed of owning a piece of Vail, now is the best time.  You should give me a call, make plane reservations, and come on out.  Not only will we get to see some incredible properties, we can also ski on the entire Frontside of Vail Mountain.  Great Skiing for early December.

I can show you a new construction penthouse condo that is listed under the developer’s price.  I can show you a “compound” with a seller who is willing to discount millions.

Vail is waiting for you.  I’m waiting for you.  Your family wants to spend this holiday season in your new ski home.  If you call now......YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.  

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