Pondering the New Year

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Christmas is fast approaching and the New Year is right around the corner.   Since the year is coming to an end it makes you ponder what 2009 will bring.  We have a new President and very challenging times with the economy.  Interest rates have been lowered to a point that they  have not been in a while and incentives are being offered to first time home buyers.  The days of the sub prime loans are long behind us and it leaves us to wonder will our buyers that can really afford to purchase homes be back in 2009? 

In looking forward into 2009, we have the beginning of a new administration in the White House.  This is certainly going to have an impact on the direction for 2009.  Consumers will have their eye on what President Elect Obama does in the first few weeks and months to help pull us out of this challenging time.  Many questions will be pondered by Americans and many people across the world about the economy, foreign relations and the war on terrorism. 

I was talking to a couple of builders tonite at the gym and they believe as I do that if they lower the interest rates enough the buyers will come.  Pardon the pun but if you build it they will come.  It has been a very challenging year for everyone in the Real Estate business (builders, agents, mortgage brokers even insurance agents) but in this business, the strong survive.    If we all hang in there and work hard this too shall pass and we will all be celebrating success when the time comes.

Remember the real reason for CHRISTmas and be sure and celebrate the season.



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Kathleen "Kate" Elim
Lake Anna, Virginia - Mineral, VA
RE/MAX Lake & Country

Hi Kelly...Like every other year, 2009 will vary.  For some it will be a great year, others will just make it, and some will fall by the wayside.   How we approach it, and to some degree the market we are in, will make the difference.

Here's to a great 2009 for all of us


Dec 03, 2008 03:09 PM
Justin Ukaoma
Vizion KC - Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Real Estate Investments

I like your optimism Kelly.  Its only a matter of time before things start to pick back up.  Only the strong will survive.

Dec 03, 2008 03:13 PM
Katerina Gasset
Get It Done For Me Virtual Services - Wellington, FL
Get It Done For Me Virtual Services

Kelly- Lowering the interest rates is only a bandaid on a much bigger problem. Just because we have a new President does not mean you will radical changes. It is just more of the same. The builders are wishfully thinking about interest rates while the owners of companies are waiting to see what they need to do about tax situations. The thing that he can do to get the markets moving again and can do it today yet has not done it is simply to say, he will not implement all his taxes, suspend the Capital gains tax, don't implement the inheritance tax and do not tax rich people any more. That is what will move free markets. Katerina

Dec 03, 2008 03:16 PM
Carol Swain
Keller Williams Real Estate - Langhorne, PA
Realtor, -www.swainsells.com- Bucks County, Pa

2009 is going to be a great year to thrive in the real estate business!  That is my prediction.

Dec 03, 2008 09:03 PM