Does anyone have the magic key to recruiting??

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Here is what I have to offer:

***I work for  a very stable  bank in the Chicago suburbs. I am looking for quality people to bring on board and make them more successful than they ever thought they could be.  We are a bank that has an unbeatable mortgage department and we are, as unusual as it sounds in this day and age, growing.  For those of you that read the blog and have the magic potion-or even a good suggestion or two-on recruiting, please let me know. For those of you that are reading this and are thinking of making a change in companies-call me.  This is a great career and our main job is making peoples dreams come true. If you want to join a dream maker and be one of the best loan officers around-I look forward to your call or email.

Thanks and I look forward to your suggestions and/or tips and/or resumes!!!

See you at the top.




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