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Plan Ahead. Your child's life depends on it.

The m.i.l.k.® Digital ID stores vital photo and identification information of your children. Designed at the request of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) m.i.l.k.® provides law enforcement with the proper data to initiate an Amber Alert in the event of an emergency.

The m.i.l.k.® Digital ID is a prime part of the "Home Organizer" software - a virtual filing cabinet that provides a simple method for organizing a home or home office.

Home Organizer® helps you create a digital inventory of your household possessions and includes safety-related and educational information from many different organizations. It was developed to Protect, Educate and Organize.

Home Organizer® sells for $39.95 at www.home-organizer.com. But, my agency is offering this software free of charge to you (northern california), to help protect your family.

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According to the U.S. Attorney General:
  • Over 2,000 children are reported missing every day!
  • 40% of the parents of a missing child cannot immediately supply a current picture
  • 34% of parents do not know their child's correct weight, eye color or height
m.i.l.k.® Digital ID features:
  • With just a click, the m.i.l.k.® Digital ID can be printed or sent via email to proper authorities and forwarded to NCMEC. It can then be broadcast to over 17,600 police departments and the vast database of NCMEC Poster Partner Program members.
  • m.i.l.k.® creates a progressive "digital memory album." Every 6 months, the software will automatically remind you to update the photo in the m.i.l.k.® Digital ID.

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