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In order to invite the public to reveal work that has been done without a permit, the Township of Bernards Code Enforcement Division is offering a one time Penalty Amnesty for the month of May, 2007.

Construction Code Penalty Amnesty Offered in Bernards Township

For the first time ever, during the month of May the Bernards Township Construction Code office will be offering a Construction Code Penalty Amnesty.  If you have performed work on your property without obtaining a required construction permit, you can apply for a permit without being assessed a penalty.  The penalty for not obtaining a permit is $2000.00.

Construction permits are required for many different projects.  Some examples are sheds over 100 square feet in area, swimming pool fences, decks, finished basements, kitchen and bathroom alterations.

Dennis Bettler, Construction Official, says that most of the time we find out about work which has been done without a permit during the sale of a home.  Many times this causes a delay in the sale or in the worse case failure to complete the sale.

The New Jersey Uniform Construction Code was enacted in 1977 and Construction Code permits and the requirements have not changed fundamentally since.

In order to qualify for the amnesty, completed applications must be submitted between  May 1 & May 31, 2007 to the Township Construction Code office.

The permit forms are available at the Township Construction Code office located at 277 South Maple Avenue.  Forms will also be available during Charter Day on May 19 at the Construction Code booth.

A helpful guide to work done without permits is available online at this outlines the basic requirements for applying for a permit "after the fact".

Bettler says it is important to note that this amnesty is only for the penalty portion of work done without permits.  All regular fees still apply and any violations found must be corrected.

For additional information, contact:
                Dennis Bettler, Construction Official
                Bernards Township


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