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Maine Lakefront Real Estate - Keeping Up With "The Times"

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While it seems sometimes that staying in touch with the Maine lakefront real estate market is all we do around here, I try to carve out time every Friday to look at a weekly feature section in the New York Times called "Escapes". I always seem to find something of interest having to do with real estate, travel, or lifestyles. This recent Friday was no exception.

On the first page you can read about scuba diving in a salt water lake in Utah, hunting for antiques in the Atlanta area, and attending a real estate auction in Florida where they sold 33 condos in a 307 unit building in West Palm Beach. But it was inside this section that I found articles of more interest and wanted to pass them along to you.

One article discusses the current mortgage loan market as it relates to the second home market. Now that prices in the second home market are starting to ease a bit, buyers are finding it a bit tougher to get financing. Mortgage lenders are actually looking at tax returns, income statements, and debt ratios. They also have a tendency to look at second homes a little differently than primary residences. Get a handle on some of the current lending issues in this second home market by reading "The Tighter Loan Market".

The second article that I wanted to pass along tells the story of a real estate "voyeur" - a woman who just loves to drive around looking at really old (and sometimes distressed) homes, imagining buying them cheap and bringing them back to life. She will spend a weekend perusing listings online, map out her drive-by agenda, then hit the road. It's all good fun to her and also hones her skills for the day when her bank account will allow her to take the plunge on one of these older beauties. Read this fun article entitled "House Hunting, Catch and Release Style".

If you are interested in perusing Maine lakefront real estate, go no further than clicking on our Lakefront Locator. It will take you where you want to go by giving you access to all the current lakefront property listed in the state of Maine. Happy hunting and happy clicking!