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Contractors Insurance for Accidents Big & Small

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As a business owner or a contractor, you know that having the right contractors insurance is imperative. Construction sites or homes that are being remodeled are prime places for accidents.

Any kind of contractor needs insurance. Most people and companies won’t hire you if you don’t have coverage. Having contractors insurance will cover injuries or damage that happen during work, and will protect you from lawsuits.

Contractors and those who hire them must consider worst-case scenarios. Are you prepared for what would happen if you were suddenly faced with five injured employees after scaffolding collapsed, or a faulty elevator dropped them down a floor? Everyone understands that accidents will happen, but sometimes we don’t think about accidents happening to more than one employee at a time. This can result in a lot of liability costs.

Accidents can be as small as an employee getting shocked from faulty electricity, to something as big as a crane slamming into something. Imagine a safety harness that’s so old it breaks. Even welding rods can be dangerous.

Does your contractor business manufacture, maintain, or repair many machines? What happens if an employee is injured on one of your trucks or someone’s finger is cut off by one of your power tools? Forklifts often cause accidents because pedestrians don’t notice them reversing. Really, the number of possibilities for accidents involving contractor machinery is countless.

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