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Safety Tips for Contractors

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Being a contractor is demanding enough without the added headache of worrying about lawsuits and injuries. Here are the best ways to avoid claims and accidents, from our contractors insurance guide.

Safety First. Always have a first aid kit available, as well as emergency phone numbers that are easy to see. Keep safety equipment such as safety glasses, ear protection, hard hats, and fire extinguishers available and close by. Review the safety practices of any subcontractors that are hired and make sure they’re on the same page as you when it comes to safety. Have regular, periodic safety inspections and hold monthly safety meetings.

Have All Necessary Paperwork. Make having written contracts for ALL the work you perform a requirement for the client, and keep each contract for at least three years. Get written contracts with any subcontractors you use that will clearly defend you against any claims arising due to their work, and make sure the subcontractors have certificates of insurance for liability and workers compensation prior to a job.

Designate. Assign responsibility for safety to a supervisor or foreman. Only allow employees who have been designated to drive company equipment do so. (These “designated driver” employees should have their driving records reviewed.)

Know Proper Use of Equipment. Make sure everyone is clear on how to use scaffolds, ladders, tools, etc. Any portable heating devices should be kept away from combustible materials. Training workers on how to use tools and equipment is imperative.

Protect Your Site. Make sure it’s well-protected from vandalism by fencing or other types of guards. Construction sites have a way of attracting vandals. Be sure all tools and equipment is secured when everyone is away to prevent theft. Protect the public from your site by providing adequate barricades and danger signs. Keep the site more safe by removing debris daily.

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