What the Heck!? YES, They ARE Lending Money. Don't Listen to the Media!

Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker, RPM

This has probably been all over the blogs already, and I'm the last one to realize this.  If so, forgive me for being a little slow to notice.  I've been to0 busy selling houses.

By now, we all know that things are tough...and folks are losing jobs, and the forecast for the economy is rocky to say the least.  And yes, we REALTORs all know that banks are still lending for mortgages - but wait!  The public does not believe this as a whole.  And yes, we all know that the national media has their agenda to push, whatever that flavor of the moment may be, and bad news sells.

The general public has been completely brainwashed by the national media!  All that they are hearing is: "...another bank failing...", " freeze...", "...economy faltering...", "...housing crisis...", etc. etc., The media has attempted to make the public curl up in the fetal position and suck their thumbs, glued to..."drum-roll please!"... the TELEVISION!  (Why they would never do that now, would they.)

Has any of you heard ANYTHING by the national media like "prices more competitive", "rates nearing 40 year lows again", "great time to buy!"!???  Of course not.  That might not sell ratings.

I've watched the national media run stocks up and down, ruin entire businesses and professions, lie, twist and manipulate facts to make stories "edgy", prematurely put on trial, people who are supposed to remain "innocent until proven quilty" so thoroughly that no jury, anywhere in the world would give them a fair trial.  And a certain fellow who just won a little political race should really be thanking them for billions of dollars worth of free, biased fawning. (and no, I didn't like the other guy much either)

I know, I know.  I'm "preaching to the choir" here.  But what are we going to do about it?


That's right, we need to call everyone we know and tell them that "the media is...well, the media, and that the RATES ARE FANTASTIC and the PRICES ARE DOWN!"  If they are lucky like lots of folks, they still have a job, are hopeful for the future, and still have lots of living and breathing, & moving and shaking to do.

And tell them to tune out the media.  They'll thank you for it.