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Who woulda thought - in this market!


Recently, I was doing my official duty (oportunity time) when I received a strange call, asking me to list a house; but it wasn't his - it was his daughter's.  After several questions and being sure the daughter would be at the appointment and able to sign, I prepared for the appointment.  Upon arriving at the house, Mom and Dad met me at the door and explained the reason for the sale and that the daughter had health problems that prevented her from making decisions and that there was a very recent death (just 4 days prior to the appointment) of the daughter's ex husband.

They also informed me that they were "interviewing" realtors and would not make a decision until all of the Realtors had been interviewed.  Two days later, I received a call to come list the house.  When questioning them why they chose me, I was somewhat surprised by their response...... "I was organized and presented the information in an easy to understand format" and had left them a three ring binder that they could flip thru after I left. 

Much to my surprise 4 days later, I had 6 offers.  They came from the sign, the internet and of course MLS.  When I met with the owners, I didn't want them to think that I had priced the home too low, so I began discussing the marketing I had done is such a short time.  They were sooooo impressed they couldn't stop thanking me.

The very first thing I did was take advantage of an opportunity --- my office was having a social the very afternoon I took the listing.  I discussed the home with the agents that might possibly have buyers for that location and price range.  I placed the home in MLS and entered the number of pictures that my MLS allows.  Did the virtual tour and published it.  Enchanced the listing on and then set about other areas of marketing.  I prepared a virtual "just listed" card and sent it to my entire data base of about 500 people and to my office manage to distribute it to all associated in my office, which was about another 200 people.  Of course, the sign was also install while all of this other marketing was going on.

I didn't even have an opportunity to sell this house myself -  6 offers came from other Realtors.  The offer that was accepted by my seller came from the very first agent that I told about the listing.  I turned out to great for my company as we had both sides of the sale, our mortgage company did the mortgage and our title company closed it.  Talk about a slam dunk!

For this to happen in a Florida market where our market is a short sale and foreclosure market is unheard of.  This was an old fashion sale with lots of equity.  What a pleasure.  I was so thankful!


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