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Consumers in Fenton, Missouri Appreciate the Beauty of Granite as they Tour a Showroom of Granite Kitchen Countertops and Marble Vanity Tops

Home Builder with Rock Tops Granite

There are many reasons granite has become the top choice for kitchen countertop material


St. Louis, MO - Granite is quickly becoming the most sought after material for kitchen countertops.  Charlie Thiede, President of Rock Tops Granite recently visited the new store that opened in Maryland Heights, Missouri.  During a tour of the showroom, Charlie pointed out the benefits of selecting granite.  Charlie said, "You can't question the beauty of these naturally made slabs of granite.  With all the detail that Mother Nature has created, combined with a skilled granite stonemason to cut and finish the stone to perfection, exposing beautiful grains, we create nothing short of a masterpiece that can be displayed in your kitchen for decades."


The tour continued with Charlie marveling at the natural beauty of granite.  "There are no two slabs that are exactly alike," said Charlie.  "Granite is formed by nature; patterns and movement seen in one slab will not be repeated in another.  If you choose granite for your kitchen countertops, it is a guarantee that your countertop will be unique; no one else will have one exactly like yours."


Charlie showed that granite is available in different colors, some available from different regions.  "For those who want something extra special, they can choose Indian Stone, Italian Stone or Brazilian Stone, to name a few," said Charlie.


Near the conclusion of the tour, Charlie explained how granite is the strongest and most durable of materials to be used for a kitchen countertop.  "A granite kitchen countertop could outlast the entire house; it's very durable," said Charlie.  "That is not to say it can be abused, but is can resist more abuse than other countertop materials.  It also requires some maintenance, which is what we will talk about now."


At the very end of the tour, Charlie explained how to care and maintain a new granite kitchen countertop.  He thanked everyone for their interest and for taking the time to visit their new showroom.  He handed out some information for them to take with them and headed for the front counter where a couple was ready to have measurements taken for their kitchen countertop.


Rock Tops Granite specializes in fabricating and installing granite and marble countertops.  They have installed over 10,000 countertops in 2008 alone, and are expanding their business and plan to open several new locations in the US during the next year. This fast growing company, offering hundreds of new jobs, is what our economy needs right now.  Rock Tops of Maryland Heights, Mo services St Louis, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield and neighboring cities.  Visit Rock Tops Granite to learn more or to contact them about possible employment.




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