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 The Westin Kierland in Scottsdale was the place to be late last week for REALTORS® who wanted to learn from the masters about using technology, digital photography, and generally "mastering the market" in 2007. Some 400 of us showed up for the Real Estate Marketing EXPO sponsored by I always want to learn how to market homes and serve my clients better, so it was a great opportunity to meet and get tips from some of the big names in the business.

The advertising for the EXPO promised a lot, including:

  • How to changing your focus from selling more homes to selling homes for more – that's good for sellers and agents alike.
  • How to benefit from the fact that 77% of all home buyers used the Internet at some point in their search for a home – and how to make sure they find you as their agent.
  • How to deal with change in the industry
  • How to choose the right digital camera, and what features in a camera are important for Real Estate
  • How digital video is changing the way agents market real estate.
  • Introduction to the newest products,  "Showcase Listings," "Feature Properties," "Feature Agent/Feature Community."

 They really delivered, too. Vice President Max Pigman did an excellent, high-energy presentation that covered the evolution and revolution in real estate technology, all the way from the fax machine in 1973, through the cell phone, Internet/email, instant messaging, cell phone text messaging, multimedia messaging, and now blogging. According to Max, the next big things for REALTORS® are pod casting and video tours.

As part of that discussion, he gave some startling statistics. We know that most people start their search for a new home on line, but did you know that the chances that a potential buyer will find a property on the Internet is 500% greater than in the newspaper, and over 2400% greater then in a Homesbook? Today's agent must have a presence on the Internet, in several ways, to really be successful. Only that way can we give our clients' properties the exposure they need to sell quickly and at the best price possible.

Max also spent time talking about photography for real estate, and how to achieve good pictures without spending a lot of money. One secret is the after market magnetic wide-angle lens. These are often available for about $25, and the results are amazing. Using the right aftermarket lenses will prevent the "fish-eye" look you often get with a camera's built-in wide angle lenses or using a too wide of a lens.



One of the best features of the day was the discussion of how we can deal with change in the industry. He made it easy to remember this way:

  • Contemplate & Consider
  • Hammer out a plan
  • Accept, Adapt & Act
  • No looking back
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Execute with Enthusiasm

I had a chance to meet Max Pigman, and was very impressed. All in all, the EXPO was a great way to spend a Thursday. There were a lot of new ideas presented, and my clients will definitely benefit from it. I call that a win-win.

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