Real Estate Investing: Its about the People

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Real estate isn't so much about property as it is about people.

As an investor you need to know and understand the sellers circumstances.  You need to be respectful of the fine line where one mans financial misfortunes become another mans exploitation for his own fortune. Stressed out

I oftern hear Realtors talk about what a great time it is to invest because there are so many foreclosures and great deals to be had right now.  True, but lets put this into perspective.  Foreclosures are bad!  Its a terrible thing for society, terrible for our economy, and it causes a deep psychological impact and stress on the family being foreclosed upon. 

As an investor/buyer you might consider buying a foreclosure becuase it really is a good deal. However, your responsibilites should go well beyond the finances.  You have a resonsibility to ensure that your actions are not predatory in nature and that once you complete the purchase transaction, you will use your investment as a place to provide housing at fair prices.  Your tenants should have a safe home, that is well kept and maintained by you.  Your investment doesn't have to be the nicest house on the block, but it should be something that is appropriate for the community and something that you are proud of.

Understanding people is at the cornerstone of SCV Loan Solutions.  We work with buyers and sellers everyday to ensure that our investment solutions are optimal for all parties and done so with respect.  We want you to make it BIG as an investor, but do this with respect and integrity first.

As President of SCV Loan Solutions, I'm always networking with buyers and sellers and I look for ways to put parties together that can complement one another, so as to create win/win solutions.  You can take advantage of this and make it work for you by letting me know what types of investments you are interested in. 

Contact me to discuss your goals, your vision, and how we can partner to make your next transaction something that gives back to the community.

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Connor T. MacIvor
RE/MAX Gateway - Santa Clarita, CA

LOL - I love the way you think Martin - I just wrote something similar that is going to create quite a stir...  It is about the showing off of Misery by Real Estate Offices. - Sad But True.

Apr 28, 2009 01:00 PM