Charlottesville Homeowners: If things are getting tough, get help NOW!

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Piedmont Housing Alliance, Central Virginia's only HUD approved "housing counseling" service, offers homeowners at all income levels information, counseling and assistance in dealing with current and potential problems paying their mortgages and holding onto their homes. PHA is well known in the Charlottesville-Albemarle area and the surrounding community for helping residents achieve their dream of homeownership. In the current crisis, PHA is also there for folks who already own a home, but may have difficulty keeping it in these tough times. PHA will aid you to whatever extent possible regardless of how close to foreclosure you are, but the best time to contact PHA for help is when you have the first inkling that you may not be able to meet your mortgage obligation in the next 6 months, even if you have managed to make your payments until now.

PHA offers a wide range of services to help you
▪ assess how the downturn has affected your finances
▪ budget and manage your money more effectively
▪ decide if trying to keep your home is the best choice
▪ leave your home in the least disruptive manner if that is the right move for your family or
▪ negotiate with your lender to hold on to your home.

PHA Housing Counselors are professionally trained and certified to liaise with Lenders on your behalf regarding
▪ Short term repayment plans
▪ Short sales
▪ Loan modifications
▪ and many other possible remedies for your situation.

They can
▪ provide information on new bailout related loan programs
▪ educate you about bankruptcy
▪ refer you to legal services if they suspect your were misled by a predatory lender and
▪ help you work with a Realtor to get your home sold if that is the best solution.

If you have not yet been late on your mortgage, call PHA first at 434-817-2436.

If you have received a late notice from your lender, call the lender directly, not to negotiate or make a specific arrangements, but to make sure you let them know that you acknowledge their late notice and will be making an appointment immediately to see a certified HUD housing counselor. It is important that your mortgage lender note this in your account.

Then GO IMMEDIATELY TO SEE A PHA COUNSELOR because the Lender will try to work with you if you are working with a counselor, but it is important to realize the foreclosure process will continue at the same time: you cannot delay!

and remember, these services are available for low income, middle income or high income homeowners alike!

Piedmont Housing Alliance
111 Monticello Avenue, Suite 104
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone: 434-817-2436

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