Ways to help others this holiday season

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There are so many of us out there that want to help out other people during the holidays but just dont have the extra money to give. Here are some ways to do just that, help!

1.Give property,  

You can donate your real estate. It can be donated without restriction. It is a write-off and based on the appraised value. You could go through your Christmas stuff and donate the stuff you have not used in years to someone that maybe does not have a tree this year.

2. Donate your TIME!!

There are so many around that needs things done at home. You could just go and help out with the every day things. The elderly in your church would love someone to come and take out their trash or change the cat box. I know that you dont think about things like that but trust me, they would love it.

3. Do pro bono work.

If you have a client that you know does not have the money, knock out your commission to that they can get the repairs done or get a little better house for the money. I mean what is the commission on a 50 K house anyway.

4. Do a secret Santa.

I know I know, Time consumming right? Well, I did this one year for asingle lady I built a house for and she looked forward every day to see what was coming next. I did the 12 dyas of Christmas and the last day I took it myself to the door and she was SO shocked. I was the last person that she had thought of! It is really easy to do also!

I know that this year has been hard for some, but next year i think is going to be just as hard. Here is Lubbock we are still pretty ok but there is still the oppertunity to serve and help others.

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Ella Glover
Lubbock Homes - Lubbock, TX

What a great blog.  YOu should have lots of comments on this!

Dec 14, 2008 01:09 AM

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