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Appalled by the Big 3 Auto CEOs


I have to agree with the Republicans on thier stance relative to the Big 3 Auto Makers bailout package of $25 billion that the Democrats want to give.  The Democrats want to grant this bailout while the Republicans want to let the 3 companies file for bankruptcy and let it take it's course.

Maybe I'm missing something here and not reading between the lines, but, what is the point of a bailout?  The reality of the matter is that more people are buying foreign cars, whether they be inexpensive Toyotas, Nissans and Hondas or the more pricey Lexus, BMW and Mercedes.  Don't forget the midrange Volkswagon!  There are far fewer American cars on the road overall then there are foreign.  So maybe it is time to allow the American car companies to file for bankruptcy so they have a chance to downsize to a more managable company. 

And now to the article from CNN.  Apparently, the CEOs of these big 3 American auto makers flew private jets to Washington D.C. to beg for bailout money.  Does that make any sense?  I highly doubt they were spending thier own money to fly there.  You want money yet you are flying the company jet around the country?  Does that make any sense what-so-ever?  NO!  How about selling the company jet so the company has more money. 

If they want the government to bail them out, they should be showing that thier spending habits are changing.  Fly commercial.  Fly coach.

This about it this way.  This one may be more towards the parents.  Imagine your kids out of the house.  They are extremely successful and drive expensive cars and own big houses.  One day, they come to you for money.  Ummm...seriously?  How about downsizing?  Instead of driving a Mercedes, get a Volkswagon.  Instead of living in a multi-million dollar house with 6 bedrooms when you only have, say, one or two children, how about downsizing to a 4 bedroom?

I think the Big 3 Automakers need to downsize.  Like I said, maybe I'm missing something here as to WHY the Democrats want to bail these companies out but maybe we need to let them squander.  Chances are, with excessive spending and excessive executive pay, these 3 CEOs probably assisted in the demise of the companies.What do you think??

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