Point of contact for interior appointment?

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I rec'vd a call to do an interior Bpo on Saturday.  The person that I am suppose to contact according to the  Bpo company is the borrower and they supplied me with the number.   However, each time I call I either get the answering machine (I leave message w/ my contact info) or the borrower answers and asks that I call them back tomorrow to set up a time.  According to them they are already packing and there are 10 dogs in the house that they need to get out before I can come over or at least that was what I was told the 1st time I called and actually got someone.

I feel like I am getting the run around.  On the other hand what exactly am I allowed to tell her that I am doing?  ...Yeah, My name is Leslie Willis and you need to let a complete stranger into your home...?   Obviously, they're aware that the bank has already been deeded the property.    So, I just told them that their mortgage company has asked that I update the pictures of the outside and inside of the home that they have on file.

So whats going to happen with this? 

 I am going to try to call again today.




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Leslie R. Willis

One at a time please:)

Anyways, maybe I can help someone in the future. 

I called my contact person at the Bpo company and they did a conference call to verify for themselves, that indeed I was having problems gaining access to the property. 

After 30 minutes on the phone with the Borrower.  We finally arrived at agreement for a walkthrough.

She had a least 18 dogs and said that some of them bite....she wasn't lying.  I couldn't keep count on how many dogs were in the house and you could only imagine what it looked and smelled like.  Needless to say the little poodles were the worst and the Timber Wolfe dogs were sweet.

I must say that I need a new pair of shoes and pants.....I love the BPO world!  No really its fun! 


Dec 09, 2008 04:57 AM
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interior BPOs are always interesting with the borrower in the home still. i always smile, introduce myself, and let them know exactly why im at their home. i try to frame the visit in a way that makes them think that i am making the process easier and faster for them. usually, this is the case. the quicker they can go through the process, the quicker they can move on with their lives. its tough dealing with people in distressed times, but the smiling part always seems to help. hopefully the BPO company paid you enough to make this all worth your time!

Dec 09, 2008 01:06 PM