6 Foreclosure must-reads: Part I

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It seems like foreclosure properties are on everyone's minds these days. Since we released a two-part foreclosure special edition six months ago, home owners and buyers on Trulia haven't been able to get enough of tips and tricks from foreclosure experts on Voices.

Whether you're trying to save your home or thinking about buying a foreclosure property on Trulia, we've rounded up six must-reads to help you learn how to manage foreclosures, especially in today's market.

How to avoid foreclosure
Loan Modification Help-What about those Upfront Fees?
Already struggling homeowners who are seeking loan modification help are finding out that any assistance from a loan modification company comes at a steep price... see more or reply
Written by Susan Gregory, Real Estate Professional, Dana Point, CA
More tips:
Q: I am 2 months behind on morgage my payment is almost 1,800.00 dollars a month, i want to do a loan
Tip: Use the keywords "avoid foreclosure" and "modify loan" to get more tips here.

How to find & buy foreclosures
So you want to buy a foreclosed home
With all the bank owned properties out there, is this the right market for you... The first thing you need to do is be pre-approved for a loan. No bank will look at your offer without it... see more or reply
Written by Scott Godzyk, Real Estate Professional, New Hampshire
More tips:
Q: How do you purchase foreclosures? Can the previous owner reclaim the property later?
Tip: Find foreclosure homes on Trulia. Enter a city and select just the "Foreclosure" listing type on the left.

How to navigate auctions
What Happens at Foreclosure Auctions
Continuing to dispell myths about real estate auctions... leading up to a foreclosure auction, someone who has a lien against the property has exercised their right to foreclose... see more or reply
Written by Vicky Chrisner, Real Estate Professional, in Dulles, VA
More tips:
Q: Is it true that once my home is BANK OWNED I can no longer be able to buy it back?

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