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SALT. It's great on steak and pizza and vegetables and apples and muskmelon and just about everything... Except concrete. Well it's not too good on your car either.

Salt is like little termites quietly eating away at your concrete while you sleep. This winter has already been snowy and icy and that means your car is dripping all that road brine on your garage floor. When temperatures allow, get the hose out and flush off all that grime. If you have a concrete driveway, keep hosing until you clean it too. It's also a good idea to power wash and seal your con-crete every fall.

Another way to protect the garage floor is to get that epoxy based paint at your local hardware store. Materials cost about $500 for an average size garage but it protects the concrete and the floor is easy to sweep and keep clean. You ladi-es should appreciate that! I mean you won't have such a hard time getting your hubby to sweep the garage.

Once in a while I'll find a bag of salt sitting in my garage that somebody purchased to de-ice the sidewalks. Be kind to your concrete... And your wallet; throw that stuff in the trash! I tell my somebody that I just don't allow salt on my concrete. If people slip and fall... Well that's why I pay for insurance.

Actually sand is a good alternative. It makes a mess when folks track it in but then again, so does salt. One more thing. Run the car through the car wash and get the underside sprayed.

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