Do you know what a "Structured Financial Sales" is? Neither did I

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Just when I think that I have a handle on the business,  there is something new that shows up.

If you have a Seller who is going to get nailed taxwise,  when they close,  this might give them an advantage.  it works something like the old thing we used to be called an Installment Sale.   The difference is that instead of depending on the Buyer to remember to make the payments,  this is handled by a Fortune 50 company.  This allows the seller to customize a series of payments over years,  instead of taking a lump sum and having a huge tax liability. 

It also works on a Failed 1031 Exchange,  a Reverse Exchange or Boot coming out of a traditional exchange. 

This shoulds good and I will admit that I know very little about the mechanics.  But,  I have tons of respect for my friend,  Ron Ricard,  who is promoting this.  Call him for details.

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