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Because the economy is having a ruff time people are looking for extra ways to bring in some income which has open the door for many so-called MLM (Multi-level marketing) schemes to look attractive and scheme innocent buyers out of their money. Allot of Real estate professionals have been targeted due to the slow market. Please beware of these traps and don't give them your hard earned money. They give you big promises on how much money you will be making from bringing others into this scheme from residual income off of their efforts and production. They offer some overpriced product and make you believe that you are going to be rich from people selling this overpriced product and you will receive some compensation from the people you bring to the table efforts.

Realistically you wont get rich from a overpriced product which has to be overpriced to be able to pay so many people from the sell of it. Secondly any business that has an innovative and ground breaking product doesn't need to charge people to sell their product, they just need people as outlets to get the product out there since it is so ground breaking and innovative. If they want to charge you to sell it then it must not be such a good product, it's just overpriced hype to lure you to invest your hard earned money thinking you will be successful. Please watch your money, we need all we can at times like this!!!

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John Mulkey - Waleska, GA
Housing Guru

Good advice Jonathan.  In my experience, MLMs that are less focused upon their product and more on bringing in the maximum number of people are usually scams.

Dec 08, 2008 09:14 AM