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Show your patriotism! Regardless of your views of the war or use of our troops around the world, we must still support our troops who are in the middle. YOU as independant contractors can show your support of your communities citizen soldiers, by signing a Statement of Support that you would not discriminate against Guardspeople or Reservists if you were to employ them. It is not a requirement that you currently employ a Guardsperson or Reservist OR that you have any employees at all. I am a 5 STAR SUPPORTER and I have NO employees.

If you are in Central Wisconsin, I will deliver the Statement of Support in Person and provide a News Release if you so desire (Free Advertising). NOTHING TO BUY! This is not a sales pitch - I want no money from you only your support! If you are outside the central Wisconsin area or outside Wisconsin, do not despair, when you sign a Statement of Support and reurn the form to me, I will mount that form and mail it back to you in a very presentable frame.

Please let me know if you are interested.

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