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These are exerpts from my personal blog about Briggy.  Enjoy!

Oh no, it's a Briggy Monster!!!

For those of you who don't know, a Briggy Monster is a small kitten about 5 weeks old that lives at my house.  Her name is Briggita, and I started calling her a monster because she follows me around all day every day because she thinks I am her mom.  That's mostly because I feed her.  Her mom stopped taking care of her.  So naturally, like any human that was acting like a mother would, I have completely fallen in love with her.  I get up and feed her in the middle of the night, and she sleeps in bed with me. 

The bad part is that in the last week, Briggy hasn't been eating very well.  She can't eat hard cat food yet, and she won't eat soft cat food.  I've been feeding her kitten formula, but in the last few days she doesn't want that, either.  She's started losing a TON of weight, and to be honest I'm scared to go home tonight for fear of her being dead when I get there.  I try to force her to eat, but I don't know what else to do.  At least I know that I'll have the rest of the week off, and I can sit all day with her and focus on getting her to eat.  I put her in the kitty carrier today with soft food, formula, water, and Science Diet mashed up in formula.  Hopefully she'll eat something. But in the meantime I'm just gonna keep praying that she'll be fine when I get home tonight....which should be soon...........


Stressful week...
Current mood: satisfied

Okay, so if you've read my blog, you know that on Tuesday I was worried about Briggy monster.  I got home with chicken flavored baby food, tuna, and formula.  I ran into the house as fast as I could, and rushed to the pet carrier I had put her in.  Because I was so worried, I had put her in there with food because she hadn't been eating.  I whipped open the door, and there she lay, completely still... and I nearly choked.  I dropped to the floor and picked her up.  Her body was very cold and completely limp.  She didn't move.  She was dead.  I started BAWLING (keep in mind I've been bottle feeding this thing for two weeks) and set her back in the kennel, shut the door, and turned away.  And then I heard just a little squeak, and I froze, then whipped around, and I was just in time to see her mouth move.  I grabbed her a the nearest towel I could find, and I ran to my car and drove as fast as possible (my car died twice on the way over, due to Wal-Mart gas that I bought two weeks ago.  I will never put that crap in my car again!) to my parents.  I got there nearly hysterical, and my dad took the kitten.  She was completely limp, and he held  her over the bath while running warm water and massaged her chest and throat.  There were at least two times he thought she was dead, but then she'd open her mouth.  Nothing would come out - but it was like she was letting us know that she was still there.  Dad got her breathing somewhat normally, and then passed her off to mom, who continued to rub her.  Dad got some hand warmers and put them underneath the towel to get her warm again.  Soon she had somewhat stabilized, but her body felt awful with her being so malnutritioned.  I finally took her home, and spent pretty much the whole night awake attempting to feed her and check on her.  She slept under the covers with me all night long.  The next morning she looked slightly better, and I got dressed and first hauled her to my parent's house, where there was extreme disbelief that she was alive.  Then off to the vet.  I go to Hinckely to the vet, so it's about 17 miles one way.  There is another vet a little closer, but I don't trust them - especially since I had taken Harold there where his cheeks were swollen and they said they didn't know what was wrong with him and charged me 80 bucks.  The next day I took him to our vet, and he showed me that Harold had a tooth coming in that was infected, gave me some amoxicillin, and it was 18 bucks.  On the way to Hinckely, Briggy started crying like she was in pain.   I passed a semi and set my cruise at 75, seriously praying that there weren't any cops around.  She started tensing up and thrasing around, and I thought for sure she was going to die.  We got to the vets office, and he was finishing up an appointment with a dog, so I stood in the waiting area, rocking back and forth like mothers do with their babies, and just talking to her.  No matter how bad she got those couple of days, it seemed like when I talked to her she would fight harder to hang in there.  So here I am, kitten wrapped in a towel, rocking back and forth saying "I love the Briggy monster...Briggy's gonna be fine...we're at the vet, Briggy, and Briggy is gonna be just fine..."

Crazy what you do for your animals.

The vet came out, and he's a real laid back kinda guy.  He peeks into the towel and says in his completely monotone way "Oh.  Little kitty is going into a coma."  I nearly threw up.  "Looks like kitty is hypoglycemic"  He meanders (the best word to describe it) off to the back, and returns with a syringe filled with a clear liquid.  He gets ahold of her tense thrashing body, and forces her mouth open.  He lets the liquid drop into her mouth and she forces it down.  "This is just corn syrup.  It will help kitty when she has these lows."  He walked away, and then returned with a needle and said "Kitty needs some liquids".  He injected her (Which was the first time I had seen a response from her on anything lately) and then rubbed her head.  "Better give kitty some amoxicillin, just in case"  He got the amoxicillin, then took her from me and did like my dad had done the night before - rubbed her stomach and her throat.  He gave her back, I paid him (20 bucks!  That's all!!!!)   and I was on my way.  I was so freaked out, though.  I put her in the car and was still pretty sure that she was going to die.  But I drove hard and fast towards Pine City to get formula at Wal-Mart (thinking that she didn't like the brand they had at the vet in Mora, and she was used to the stuff from Wal-Mart because that was what I had originally fed her). 

It wasn't even five minutes, and I turned to the passenger seat, and here she was, running around like she had NEVER been sick.  Like nothing had ever happened, and I had just dreamed it all.  By the time I got to Pine City, she had wore herself out and decided to stretch out across the passenger seat in the sun. I looked at her and said "Hey Briggy monster?" and she turned and looked at me, almost irritated that I had bothered her, and I was AMAZED because she hadn't responded to me at all in the last 24 hours.  I said "You stay here, I'll be right back!"  And RAN into Wal-Mart.  First to the pet section, where I grabbed dry formula and two bottles.  Then to the baby section, where I got soft baby spoons (They change color when the food is too hot!  SOOOOO cool!  There were four in the pack, so I put three away and am only using one.  Hopefully I get to use the others in the next few years!) to feed her with.  Then I ran through the food section looking all over for corn syrup, because I don't have any and had NO idea where to find it.  Finally found it and ran toward the front.  A nice older lady who was a cashier waved me down, and I ran to her register.  "You look like you're in a hurry!"  She says cheerfully.  I throw my stuff down on the belt.  "Yeah, I have a sick kitten in the car"

"A sick kitten?"


"What's wrong with it?"  She looked genuinely concerned, and I realized I had met yet another cat lady like myself.

I explained what had been going on with Briggy, and she looked at me and said "Oh!  She's hypoglycemic!"

I stood there, flabbergasted.  "Where have you been the last few days?  Why couldn't I have met you sooner???"

"The corn syrup will help hun!  Now go!"

So off I ran to the car, a little afraid of what I would find.  But there laid Briggy, and she turned and looked at me, once again slightly irritated that I bothered her cat nap.

That was Wednesday.  Today's Friday, and Briggy has sat here watching me type and occassionally helping.  She's spunky, energetic, and she's getting fat, courtesy of me.  I feed her as much as she will eat (per the vet's instructions) and her belly practically touches the floor now.  She's doing GREAT, and I can't believe it.  My dad says she went through AT LEAST five lives, if not seven this week.  My response?  "Well Briggy monster, I guess we're gonna have to take really good care of you since you don't have a whole lot of lives left, huh?"

So, from Briggy monster and I, we wish you a good weekend, and hopefully less drama than I have dealt with this week!!!

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Oh that is such a cute story, I can't believe nobody commented yet!  How's Briggy today - a year later?  Did she use up any more lives?  Funny about the corn syrup, that's what we needed to help save our dog when he licked a cane toad - and we didn't have any either!  (he's OK now btw)


Apr 11, 2008 08:57 PM #1
Nick and Joslyn Solomon
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The Solomon Team - Century 21 Moline Realty, Inc.

Briggy is "pear shaped" now.  She's got a big ol' tushy, and she's cute as can be.  She's smaller than most cats, but what is funny is that she is very SOLID, and very strong.  She's far stronger than any other cat I've come across.  She's spoiled rotten, but has become a very good friend.  And she's very protective over me lately.  Our theory is she knows that I'm having a baby, so she's guarding me.  But who knows???


I'm glad your dog is okay!  I still keep corn syrup in the cupboard, just in case...

Apr 14, 2008 04:25 PM #2
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