Special offer

Tax Credit! You have 6 months remaining people! Tax advantage! Buy a house why dont ya!

Mortgage and Lending with Funky Quail Vintage

This is TOO good of a program to let pass you by!  We have GREAT interest rates right now!  Add to that the wonderful tax credit you will get, plus a little bit of FHA or USDA, and you get a great home at a great price, with great terms, and no landlord! Best of all, little or no down payment!!!!!   STOP RENTING and start buying people!  Call me!  I need phone calls!  Seriously!  This is the best things have been, period, end of story!  You all have to just start marketing to renters, insurance agents who have renter lists, home buyer seminars, move up seminars, and even the grown kids of your existing databases!  Stop bloggin, and start selling! :)

WE STILL HAVE A 100% Financing product, and today's rate with NO points would be 6%!!!   Come on!  This is awesome!!  You can even buy a fixer upper and finance the repairs!  Yahoo!  

Remember, the dealine is July, 2009~  .......   Go Badgers!




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