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Was here ever any doubt?

We have reached a critical mass in the real estate industry. The belief that land will appreciate forever, that traditional marketing works, and that your sphere of influence will support your business has been shattered. For if this sub-prime meltdown has taught us anything it is that we as Realtors need to consistently evaluate how we conduct our business; measuring is vital to our survival, especially in these trying times. We must embrace change, not resist it, and recognize that certain things are here to stay - especially the Internet.

The art/science of selling, will always be an integral factor in a Realtors success, there is no questioning that. How we sell and particularly where we sell will become increasingly important. Leveraging the power of the Internet in generating real estate leads is not only an effective use of your time, but will quite likely become the main source for obtaining clients in the near future. Do not let your fear of technology stand in the way of your success.

Our company
is passionate about empowering Realtors with the knowledge and tools required to succeed in today's real estate industry. We are constantly approached by Realtors wanting to purchase leads online. I compare that to paying somebody to refer you a list of strangers they found wandering the street in another city. First, how likely are strangers in another city to do business with you, and second why aren't you meeting these people yourself, isn't that your job?

People generally pay for services that they do not want to do, or cannot do themselves. Yet generating real estate leads online should be something you want to do, and need to learn how to do yourself. With over 90% of buyers and sellers using the Internet in a real estate transaction, those who see this as an opportunity, not a threat will be successful. Leveraging your exposure via the #1 medium consumers begin their real estate searches, is the most effective way to reach a target audience. This trend will continue into the foreseeable future, and only grow; the Internet is still in its infant stages of growth.

We at Agent Stealth are committed to being the leader in this online movement. We understand that time is more scarce than ever, yet effective use of it is the most important thing we can do for our business. We look forward to educating, informing, and empowering Realtors with everything required to harness the power of the Internet and generate real estate leads online. Recognize that the time for change has come, and embrace it, for you will be the one leading the way.

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