Does Your Template Website still look like a template?

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Most of us know that duplicate content is a no-no on websites when it comes to search engines.  There are some great template sites out there, but the key is to take the time to personalize them.  You have a niche, don't you?  if you don't, we need to talk about it.

Your site needs to be..well..YOUR SITE.  I really like Point2 sites.  There is alot you can do with even the freebie version.  Unless you want to spend big $$$$ on SEO (search engine optimization) and get a custom site, a Point2 site is ideal for the Realtor who needs a presence but has a small budget.

I have created several Point2 sites in the HH/Bluffton area.  It's a clean, nice looking site.  All the personal touches and the information that your target Buyer/Clients are looking for and it's a perfect site to send people to through mailings or print media.  You will need to upgrade the site to add the IDX feed to it, unless you have a free site through your Brokerage with MLS that you can link into the Point2 site.

Remember, if you are one of those agents who have only a Brokerage provided free site, you have pages upon pages of duplicate content!  Make the new year a time to break free of the mold.  Call or email me to discuss getting an inexpensive template site that we can make your very own.

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