Already Thinking About Summer in Vail

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We didn't get the snow as predicted.  This is usual.  The biggest snow storms in Vail are the ones that hit by surprise.  The warnings and watches only insure that almost no snow falls.  Funny how it works that way, but it is consistent.

It looks like we might get some snow today, but I'm not predicting any amounts, I can't take the chance. No on to the title and main subject of this blog post.   I went to a Bravo, Vail Music Festival Board meeting yesterday.  Yes I know the ski season is just beginning but we have to keep the calendar moving.  Planning is going well for Summer 2009.  Dallas, Philadelphia, and the New York Philharmonic are all coming to Vail this summer.  The program is now being finalized and I can assure you, this is going to be one of the best classical music festivals in the US this summer.  If you've never been to Vail in the summer it is fantastic.  The cliche is that you move here for the winter but stay for the summer.  Imagine 80 degree days, 60 degree nights, no humidity and some of the world's best classical music at a beautiful outdoor amphitheater.  Vail in the summer.  If classical music isn't your thing then feel free to come to our free Rock concerts every Tuesday night.  And of course there are all the outdoor activities: rafting, hiking, biking, horseback riding, climbing, etc.

Vail is a full year destination.  You should be here now.

 Symphony in Vail


Obviously, I’m no where near ready to stop skiing and get on my bike, but it is nice to know that there is something great to look forward to once the snow melts.  

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