Newbie Blog #1 - A Fresh Perspective

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Well...the first blog. Wow.. I am poping my bloggin' cherry.  I don't know about anyone else, but there is something to be said about taking this step in the real estate world.  Kinda like getting you feet wet for the first time.  I can tell you that when I got in to the business back in 1997, I never could be have thought that networking in the cyberworld would be such an important aspect of selling real estate.  Pretty cool.   I mean, I grew up with the Radio Shack TRS-80, then the Commodor 64... (remember those) I should be on top of this cyper space stuff.. Right?  Man, was I wrong. I realize, as I navigate my way around this community, how so many successful people are taking advantage of the tremendous recourses available thru communities such as this...putting great information out there for others to see and comment great! Maybe it's just me, but breaking thru with a "BLOG POST" for the first time is a big step.

As I sat through a number of seminars at both this years FAR and NAR conventions, I quickly came to realize that I was yesterday, or in some cases so 2 years Lawarence Yun puts it.  Its hard to fathom how quickly the technology element of our industry has taken over.  And now the Blog.

The Blog.  I wonder where that came from?  Anyone know?  Does it stand for something?  Anyhow, sounds good.  Who could of imagined an instantanious way to communicate to a group of people who share the same interests, outlooks, and careers etc. from anywhere in the world.  The connectivity is awesome... kinda brings "reach out and touch someone" to a new level (thanks AT&T).  And that's just touching the surface... anyone get started doing this and feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the possibilities?  Heck, I still don't know what Tags are???  I notice that it gives me the option below to put something in there... what ever goes there.. or could go there.  I'll figure it out.

Thanks for the inspiration everyone...make it a great day!



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