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100% Financing is still alive and well! Use your tax credit, buy a house today!

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This is TOO good of a program to let pass you by!  We have GREAT interest rates right now!  Add to that the wonderful tax credit you will get, plus a little bit of FHA or USDA, and you get a great home at a great price, with great terms, and no landlord! Best of all, little or no down payment!!!!!   STOP RENTING and start buying people!  Call me!  I need phone calls!  Seriously!  This is the best things have been, period, end of story!  WE STILL HAVE A 100% Financing product, and today's rate with NO points would be 6%!!!   Come on!  This is awesome!!  You can even buy a fixer upper and finance the repairs!  Yahoo!  

Get your rent deposit back and BUY A HOUSE!!  Here's an idea, have your realtor write an offer, with a $1,500.00 closing cost credit and bingo, you can be making HOUSE PAYMENTS instead of your landlords mortgage payment!  Realtors, you should be advertising IN YOUR LISTINGS if a house qualifies for 100% financing!  This WILL make the phone ring!   There is NO MORTGAGE INSURANCE in this program!   What are you waiting for?? 

Remember, the dealine is July, 2009~  .......   Go Badgers!




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