Open House Tips

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As if sellers didn’t already have enough to concern themselves with when trying to find buyers for their Palm Beach homes, now comes news that besides the oftentimes tiresome task of making a home stand out from the rest of the many Palm Beach homes on the market, buyers need to pay more attention and take the extra initiative when and if they plan to hold an open house. Here are a few tips that won’t break the bank and will improve your odds of closing a sale.

Keep it clean. This can be considered the no brainer but do remember that your goal here is to get buyers to imagine themselves living in the home, not spending the night as a guest in your home. Spend extra attention on the front yard as that will be the first thing a potential buyer sees.

Use the oven. Start off by making sure that there aren’t any unusual odors emanating from the home and then try baking some brownies or another dessert which has a pleasant aroma so there’s a nice scent circulating before buyers arrive. These scents can make a buyer feel at home and can work in your favor, even if they don’t actually eat them.

Keep it bright…and safe. Palm Beach homes with dimly lit rooms may save on energy but they can also appear gloomy or as if you’ve got something to hide so use natural light by opening curtains or windows or install light bulbs where necessary. Also, store away your personal valuables in a safe place just in case your buyers are looking for a five fingered discount.

Plan a day away with Fido. Besides catering to buyers who may not be fond of pets, keeping your pet (and yourself) away ensures that buyers aren’t distracted or that they feel as though they’re invading your personal space.

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