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Since this is the most celebrated time of the year, I must try to count some of my blessings this year, especially when it comes to the world of real estate.  When it looked like things might begin to stablilize in early October,  here comes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Even with all the negative surprises they brought, opportunity also came along for the ride.  At least, it is obvious to me that they need some regulation and a sobering look at how they arrive at the criteria for creating their loan programs.  Considering they need to massively tighten up the qualifications for determining the eligibility of their loan prospects.  Along with that, some serious evaluation and redirection for the banking industry is in tall order...the banks themselves need to get back to banking and forget their emphasis on speculation.

As realtors we are concerned about all the aspects of the home industry...not just sales, but sales that will tend to lead the direction of fostering responsible growth.  In Green Valley, Arizona our mls inventory is at 981 units avaiable on the market today.  This has been a pretty level number for the last 2 months and that, of course, is a positive signal.  In the calendar period from January 2nd of this year until the 10th of December, we have had 754 sales.  In the same calendar period in 2007, we accomplished 961 sales in our Green Valley, MLS.  That translates to about a 22% decline from the 2007 period to the corresponding 2008 period.  Considering the heighth and the breadth of the revelations that have shaken the world economy, that is not that bad of a launching point.  It is now evolving into our busy season, and I look forward to more positive momentum in our area, hopefully making 2009 a great year for real estate.  You can see all the homes in our beautiful area on our website: www.greenvalleyazsearch.com.  We are also looking forward to enjoying the rest of this year and hope all of you will do likewise.

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