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Home Sales
By Joshua Suess • photography by Ted Dayton

The holiday season is approaching and many homeowners are under the impression that it’s one of the worst times to sell - but in fact it’s the exact opposite! 

While it may be true that there will be fewer buyers looking for homes, the reality is that the quality of those buyers will be far superior. Motivated home buyers are what you will typically find during the holidays - and there is much less competition among home sellers, as most either remove their homes from the market or wait until after the holiday season. 

So how do you balance trying to sell your home with all of the holiday festivities? The most challenging aspect will be learning that the way you live and the way you sell are two completely different worlds. 

Most holiday décor will detract from the size and selling features of your home, which could potentially cost you time and money. 

You want to showcase your home and accentuate the selling points for the buyer. Buyers want a turn-key home and sometimes can’t see through visual obstacles. The majority of home sellers don’t follow these tips when selling during the holidays. Use this to your advantage in order to become the number-one best positioned home in terms of condition and you will surely sell your home quickly and for top dollar! 

Keep it simple and clean this year so that during the next holiday season, you can decorate your new home however you’d like. 

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