You Need a Ski Vacation....NOW!

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Sasha and I on China Bowl


I'm using this blog post as an excuse to post a picture of my son skiing last year.  The two of us have already skied a bunch this year.  It is amazing how much he has improved as he has grown.  I look forward to watching him become a better skier than me.  It shouldn't be long.

I just spoke to some of my friends who still work on the mountain, and they tell me things are looking very good on the backside of Vail Mountain.  Blue Sky Basin is opening this weekend.  It is shaping up to be a pretty wonderful December.  If you haven’t booked your vacation here yet....what are you waiting for?  Airline prices have come way down, there are hotel deals to be had, and the skiing is great.  Vail Resorts and the Town have teamed up to create a great website full of amazing deals.  Check out  You won't be sorry.

If you’ve never been to Vail before, let me tell you something.  The frontside of Vail is great.  But it isn’t what we are known for.  It is the backside that makes Vail, Vail.  There was a fire on the mountain a couple of hundred years ago and the trees still haven’t grown back.  So we have seven, yes 7, almost treeless bowls.  The skiing is like nowhere else.  It is rated for intermediates up to expert.  And that is one of the really cool things about Vail.  Even if you are an intermediate skier you can go explore and have an adventure, all the while remaining in your comfort zone.

With all that is going on in the world....YOU NEED A SKI VACATION NOW.  Tell me that isn’t true...I dare you.


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