Real Estate Phrases That Should NEVER Be Used...

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From time to time either catch ourselves saying some kind of phrase or comment that made no sense and should probably have never left our mouths... Or, we have that one in a million client who magically does!  And aren't they just priceless?!

On the RE/MAX Times Online, I found some pretty interesting comments I think we should all avoid.  Here is Oxford's 10 Most Irritating Phrases:

1. "At the end of the day"
2. "Fairly unique"
3. "I personally"
4. "At this moment in time"
5. "With all due respect"
6. "Absolutely"
7. "It's a nightmare"
8. "Shouldn't of"
9. "24/7"
10. "It's not rocket science"

The one I get a kick out of the most is the word "like".  When used in excess, does it not drive shivvers up your back?  Like, we need to get a house with like three bedrooms, close to a lake, a big park-like yard., you know my parents will like have to see this house before we buy right?  Oh my goodness!  Or how about calling me dude?  I'm not your dude, and I am definitely not your Real-a-tor!  There's no "A" in that word!!!!  How about when someone says: Well you just have to work smarter, not harder.  Hmmm... how about you get me coffee (smarter) and I will relax here in my office (not hard at all)? 

So, I am going to leave you with this comment and hopefully everyone can add their own "phrases that make you go wild!"

Honestly, I think the market is going to pick up; you can trust me. We could wait until spring to see if prices go up, but why don't we look at about 10 houses now just to get a feel for the current market.  Since I'm your Real-a-tor, I will go over the market during my spare time and make sure it's all good.  We should also really focus on out of the box marketing since we want to work smarter, not harder during the sale of your home. And just incase the perfect house comes up, we might as well make an offer.  If we don't get the house, it wasn't meant to be.  When it comes time to sell your home, I'm sure I will be the first Real-a-tor you call.  Believe me, you're in good hands.

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