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Attn: Real Estate Agents - Realtor(dot)com or Homes(dot)com?

Real Estate Agent with Cozy Cabins Realty

It's that time of year when the advertising sales agents for all areas of real estate marketing come calling.  Why is it that the sales calls are at a peak at the end of the year when everyone seems to have their hand out?  But that's another blog.

I recently attended a Realtor conference where the main sponsor was Realtor(dot)com. The marketing statistics presented, in a well attended seminar reported that the most trafficked website was our main sponsor Realtor(dot)com.  This was the third year I had heard this statement.  I later received controversial reports from other professionals that this statistic is skewed by professionals visiting the site in search of their listings thereby raising the statistical info.  I have a personal gripe regarding the accounting practices of this marketing service.  But this may be an isolated incident regarding double billing. I have paid for the extended services for the past few years believing in the value.  I now have my doubts and have not experience the ROI as in previous years.

On the flip side, I've been researching Homes(dot)com for exposure, easy access, and marketability.  This would be a logical choice but I would like to hear from other real estate professionals regarding their experiences with marketing sources that others have found reliable and true. All stories are appreciated, the good, the bad and even the ugly.