This More Economy = More Giving

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Many times we get clouded by our own ambition....yes it is true. We focus on success and we end up taking the giving part for granted. We get so wrapped up in the So-Called Recession and that houses take 6 months to a year to sell that we forget what is really important. This More Economy of more prospects, more listings, more buyers....must also include more giving.

Myself, my family and my businesses at many times throughout every year will donate money, drop off food, toys, clothes and household goods to a variety of families and organizations that need these items and many of the people around me handle most of the organization behind the giving, especially my wife (Kirsten) and my Mother-In-Law (Ingeborg Kepple). So, I know it is happening and I help it to happen however, I many times take it for granted. I many times assume that it is automatic and I lose the appreciation value that these families and organizations truly have with the donations.

Then all of a sudden I see a 3 year old who picks up a doll that my daughter played with and loved and now has outgrown and you know that 3 year old has just received one of the only toys she will receive all year and she is grinning from ear to ear with excitement and appreciation. The greatest feeling in the world is watching your kids laugh and have a great time....this feeling here, comes in a close second.

So, when your kids open their presents this holiday season, think of that 3 year old and it will make the giving even that much better.

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