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I love doing open houses. You heard me correctly; I really enjoy meeting everyone who comes out to see the home. Open houses are a way for me to interact with buyers on an informal, neutral setting. I have a no pressure attitude when meeting folks at the showing. I keep it light but informative. I am also very well prepared.

 I will always take some time a few days before the open house to research what is going on in the neighborhood. I will print out comparable listings of homes available in the same general price range and amenities as the subject property. I am sure to have all I need to present the home and myself in a professional manner.

 I have always wanted to take my open house presentation to the next level. To do things a little bit different from the agent on the next block. What I have come up with is to take the listings of comparable homes that I had been previously printing out and instead make them into a power point presentation and loaded it into my lap top. What this has allowed me to do is have that presentation on and scrolling during the open house. The presentation has all the listing details along with all the photos. I have found this is a great way to get the buyers to spend more time at the open house and ask questions which helps build report.

Here is my quandary. I am not sure how the sellers would feel about other homes being presented in their home. Am I doing my seller a disservice by doing this presentation?


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