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A past client and friend of mine joked that he wished my MLS Listings Search webpage could show how many minutes it was to Wegmans grocery store. He already has his home, and I think he is quite happy with it. But, I want to show that this type of information for home searching is available. I created the above map with Wegmans in Hunt Valley at the center. The orange area represents a 10 minute drive to or from Wegmans. The blue area represents 5 more minutes, or a total of 15 minutes drive to or from Wegmans.

I overlayed a zipcode map, since some people like to search for real estate by zip-codes. Some text based search engines even force you to know the zip-codes to search. The search engine I provide at is map based. You do not need to know zipcodes. You can still search by them if you wish.

So since my friend was looking for a detached home with 4 or more bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms, I limited my search to that. There were more than 270 homes that fit that criteria. You can see the current homes for sale yourself. I created and saved a search. Just click through to the live MLS Listings. I zoomed out to cover a larger area. If you zoom in, each house for sale will have an icon to show you where it is, and provide more detailed information.

You can modify the search criteria to suit your needs. You can save the search for later, and even get nightly email updates. Unfortunately there is no automatic drive time map available to you. I am however quite happy to provide you a custom map centered on any location you wish. I can create a similar map to the above with your work location at the center for instance. I can change the drive time to most any length. Rush hour traffic is unfortunately not taken into account. It is a good starting point to looking at houses. Once a house becomes interesting, you will want to verify the drive times by actually driving it.

Let me know what you think and if I can help you in any way.

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